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 Battle City! (Moved from my Creed post)

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PostSubject: Battle City! (Moved from my Creed post)   Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:20 pm

Moving this from my Creed post, it didn't go well so I'll try it here.also editing.

This is my own RP. It might suck. If so at least I tried Razz
You cannot be the same character as somebody else.
You may add your own areas, but try and use it and not have it there for no reason. I will remove the area if it is not used.
This is called 'Battle City', be prepared for fights. Do not KILL THE DANG FRIGGIN PERSON. Trainers and Pokemon are here, treat it like a battle in Black And White.
Form for RP
Powers (not overpowered, and optional):
Area (optional):
Age (not real):
Born (not real):
I've already got mine.
Name: Subway Master Emmet
Species: Human.
Powers: None.
Area(s): City, House, Bedroom, Alley, Office, Battle Subway, Water Palace, Volcano, Space, Arceus Palace.
Age: 23 (you would think they were older, no?)
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PostSubject: Re: Battle City! (Moved from my Creed post)   Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:09 am

Name:King Bt1229
Species:Lucario/Charizard mixture
Powers (not overpowered, and optional):Mega Evolution and some fire/fighting/flying/steel type moves
Area (optional):Lucariopolis, The Lucario Kingdom, and Every Region
Age (not real):35
Born (not real):Unknown
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Battle City! (Moved from my Creed post)
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