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 This could be a Bye-Bye

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PostSubject: This could be a Bye-Bye   Fri Jul 26, 2013 7:09 am

When and if I get unbanned, I may quit the site. As people on that site do not value my oponion, when I tell them, they choose to ignore, and this 'Rarity' topic has further made this opinion of mine stronger. I really loved that site, but I am angry that people choose to believe a rude liar over me.

I mean yeah, I have bad history. Ive told you that. But that mod, SoundWave said: 'Pokefarm stuff have no conern on this site' , or thereabouts on the chat. Yet you use this against me. A good mod values each person opinion, and doesnt ban someone from the chat because the liar asked the mod to. Moreover if someone os accused, you INTEREGATE them, you dont say 'this better not be false'. Heck she accused an apparant multi of mine to be anothers friend who was on the chat. Sure she was lying... And you still believe her. You interegate people, you dont judge them. Thats how you find out a liar.


I bet I won't get unbanned so i'll add this. Thanks to everyone who ATTEMPTED to help me prove my innocene. For everyone else...... Well some players you are, you are meant to help your teammates. As for this Rarity guy I want to find who it is!


Well, Bonez has made it CLEAR that I WON'T be getting unbanned. Well his words were: 'What fucking part of no do you not understand, THE ANSWER IS NO, JUST SHUP'. Nice admin, he SO reminds me of Kolink I was correct. And SoundWave so reminds me of Bacent too, a stupid troll who also doesn't value anyone's opinion.

For those who don't know, a user named Rarity made an account just to ban me. HEr ID was like 1240 and the total users at the time was around 1270ish. So she makes an account, goes onto the chat and then she tells Bacent (SoundWave) that I have 7 different accounts (which was false) but obviously Bacent listens to her, bans me from the chat, and listens to everything she says (I was watching EVERYTHING at the chat, as I never left). Moreover there was another user on the chat, and one of the accounts Rarity claimed to me, was another user's friend! This shows she is a liar. SO yeah, I falsely got banned and those twats refuse to listen to me. This is a remake of Pokefarm which I don't like.

So now I play Pokémon Garden, and my account here is Zillul, if you want to chat. Rarity PM me here also, and she said to me words such as 'lil gay sicko' for some reason. Moreover the admin on Pokémon Garden has spoken to her and her opinions on her are this: 'Yeah...i seriously don't like her....shes being a snotty spoiled jerk >.>'.

SO like yeah, you can make up your own mind as to who is the liar, I shall upload the pictures of the chat so everyone can see, the URL will be posted. And a massive thank you to everyone who treid to support me or was friends with me at the time. I only wish my DoctorWHo ChatMod was online at the time :-(

If you want to pictures of the chat, PLEASE contact me on Pokémon Garden, I want EVERYONE to see them Smile
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This could be a Bye-Bye
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