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 Night's Trading Thread!

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Night Heron

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PostSubject: Night's Trading Thread!   Sat Jul 13, 2013 10:32 pm

        Hello~! Welcome to my trade thread, where you can find any Pokémon that I have up for trade at any given time. c: If, for some reason, I forget to update this, I apologize in advance. ^^;

        Pokémon up for trade ; ;

        Surskit ♂
        (Level 5)

        Mummy Lapras ♂
        (Level 7)

        Shiny Foongus ♀
        (Level 5)

        Tropius ♂
        (Level 5)

        Seaderrer ♂
        (Level 5)

        If you're interested in any of these Pokémon, just leave a comment on my thread with an offer, or even just send over a trade~!

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Night's Trading Thread!
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