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 Mugen Fourm Battles/What Mugen Is

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PostSubject: Mugen Fourm Battles/What Mugen Is   Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:48 pm

Mugen is a downloadable fighting game where you can also download additional characters to the game. It is free (I believe) and has many moves and characters. This is where you can do your own mugen battles against each other. Fill in the sign-up thing and you'll be on the fighter's list! You can add up to 5 fighters. Here's the sign-up example:

Fighter's Name:Ultimate Mugen Fighter
User Controlling:Bt1229-King of Lucarios (That's me)
Skills:The ability to use ALL of the moves of any Mugen Characters!
Pictures (Yes, no, or sometimes) :Sometimes

And that is it. Here's the fighter's list:
Bt1229 (Controlled by me)
Mewtwo Army Leader (Controlled by me)
Ultimate Mugen Fighter (Controlled by me)

Have fun!
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Mugen Fourm Battles/What Mugen Is
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